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Solutions for the connected device economy


A Game-changing Development

Equipping machines and devices with real-time internet connectivity is creating game-changing opportunities for monitoring the performance of machines and enhancing operating efficiency through the analysis of this collected data.


Machine Connectivity for Remote Locations

Our solutions are ideal for use in remotely located or unmanned in-the-field devices and machines where WiFi or cable connections aren’t available.


Total Control of Your Hardware

Our products allow for the remote monitoring, management, security and real-time connectivity to machines and devices. Simply add a cellular connection.


Comprehensive Systems Consulting and Support

The team at ConnectedIO are world-class electrical engineers and systems integrators and offer system design and specification, troubleshooting and on-going support.

The Next Internet Revolution


Expected growth of global Internet of Things (IoT) Market from 2014-2019


Number of devices to be connected to the IoT by 2020.


Machine connections will account for 10% of all mobile connections by 2020.

A connected device economy is the future

To take advantage of the connected-device revolution, organisations are drastically reshaping all facets of their operations.

Technical and Manufacturing teams must design solutions for their products that integrate with and have the capability to collect data from its devices and communicate with other interconnected devices.

Sales and Marketing teams must be fully prepared to focus on internet connected products and devices and understand how their products connect with all devices in its network.

ConnectedIO is at the cutting edge of this revolution.

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