Cloud IO Portal

Cloud Management

SaaS Cloud Application

Cloud-IO is a Web-based application that runs in the cloud on our servers allowing you to manage all your devices from a single browser window. Cloud-IO provides:

    • An intuitive dashboard interface with plug-and-play simplicity

    • Secure, real-time access to machine data from an unlimited number of devices

    • Accessible on any digital computing device with a browser

    • Highly customizable to fit business requirements

  • Centralized Edge-Router management

    Connected IO’s Cloud-IO portal is an enterprise-grade, edge-to-cloud management platform that allows you to manage and secure your fleet of Edge Routers (ERs), individually or as a group, through a single ‘pane-of-glass’. Designed for the modern world where M2M or IoT devices can be anywhere, anytime, yet be connected, manageable, and visible, Cloud-IO provides:

    • Central Configuration: Setup each device, groups of devices, or the entire fleet of devices from a single pane-of-glass.

    • Ubiquitous Access: Run from a browser window anywhere on any device. All you need are the proper credentials.

    • Orchestration: Manage the provisioning of services and capabilities to a particular group or class of devices, making it simple to add a new device to the fleet.

    • Notifications: Set thresholds and KPIs critical for the business and then send alarms when those thresholds are violated.

    • Management Portal: User Account and Security setup with page and function customization

    Simplify the Management of an IoT Fleet

    Securely login to Cloud-IO from any PC, Tablet, or Smartphone browser. You’ll see a listing of all the devices in your Cloud-IO Network. Provision one device at a time or the entire fleet. Add devices, group them, configure any device, set a configuration policy for a group, monitor KPIs, troubleshoot problematic locations, and much more. Drill down into an alarming device right from your phone’s browser and reconfigure. Apply security updates across the entire network with a single click.

    ConnectedIO… Get Connected!