Connectivity Options

Connected IO Modems are ideal for standalone machine-to-machine (M2M) devices that typically talk to a host through a USB connection. This includes things like Laptop PC’s, USB Camera’s, Kiosks, Payment Terminals, etc. A good way to think about Cellular Modems is that they allow a single digital machine to connect through the Carrier Network. Simply load a driver and you have connectivity using only a USB port.

Connected IO Edge Routers allow you to connect many M2M devices to a remote network via LTE. An Edge Router is a LAN switch combined with a Cellular Modem in one device. It routes traffic between the LAN and WAN ports, so you can connect many devices and allow them all to share the same carrier connection. Those devices connect to the Edge Router through WiFi, Ethernet, or USB.

By supporting only the most popular connectivity options, we are able to deliver a powerful edge router with minimum cost and maximum performance.