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Industry Studies

“Our central finding is that the hype may actually understate the full potential (of IoT).”

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Cellular Technologies: Enabling the Internet of Things – 4G Americas

This white paper presents the key considerations for developing an end-to-end Cellular Internet of Things (CIoT) solution. This paper examines the essential aspects that encompass the development of IoT uses cases specifically enabled by cellular technologies which includes IoT market drivers and the end-to-end technical framework for cellular IoT/Machine Type Communication (MTC) use cases.

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The Internet of Things: Mapping the Value Beyond the Hype – Mckinsey Global Institute

The Internet of Things—sensors and actuators connected by networks to computing systems—has received enormous attention over the past five years. A new McKinsey Global Institute report, The Internet of Things: Mapping the value beyond the hype, attempts to determine exactly how IoT technology can create real economic value.

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An executive’s guide to the Internet of Things – Mckinsey Global Institute

The rate of adoption is accelerating. Here are six things you need to know.

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IoT Trend Watch 2017 – IHS Markit

A market research based summary of the trends and potential in IoT in 2017.

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IoT’s interoperability could deliver over $4 trillion out of an $11.1 trillion economic impact

The Internet of Things (IoT): examples of how interoperability enhances value Potential economic impact,1 2025, $ trillion
Factories - Data from different types of equipment used to improve line efficiency ◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼ 1.3
Cities - Video, cell-phone data and sensors used to monitor traffic and optimize flow ◼◼◼◼◼◼◼ 0.7
Retail - Payment and item-detection systems linked for automatic checkout ◼◼◼◼◼◼◼ 0.7
Work Sites - Worker- and machinery-location data used to avoid accidents ◼◼◼◼◼ 0.5
Vehicles - Equipment-usage data used in presales analytics and insurance underwriting ◼◼◼◼ 0.4
Agriculture - Multiple sensor systems used to improve farm management ◼◼◼ 0.3
Outside - Inventory levels monitored at various stages of the supply chain ◼◼◼ 0.3
Homes - Data from household energy systems used to track time usage 0.1
Offices - Data from building systems and other buildings used to improve security < 0.1

1 Includes sized applications only; includes consumer surplus.

Sources: Expert interviews; McKinsey Global Institute analysis