Optimized ROI

Optimize your ROI

The idea behind IOT is that you can drive costs out of your business by leveraging digital tools that can provide self-service, collect data, deliver content, or simply help manage the system. Connected IO provides a key piece of the overall solution – namely the connectivity for IOT devices. In designing our Modems and Edge Routers, we have made some key decisions that help you drive out more costs and increase ROI. Gartner predicts that by 2018, the total cost of ownership for business operations will be 30 percent lower than today because of the wider use of smart machines and industrialized services across the enterprise.

Cloud Management

By leveraging the Cloud, we deliver all the software you need to operate your modems or routers right from within your browser – any browser. The benefits are numerous. Our products are simple to setup, meaning, after physical installation, you can get the device running with a few mouse clicks. It’s also easy to make changes to the network. Group devices into logical sets, apply policies to units, groups, or the entire fleet. Save time and effort tracking assets. Watch certain KPIs and metrics or set alarms and let Cloud-IO do it for you. No more truck rolls, no more travel expenses. Lower stress and the costs of “Rush Jobs” by leveraging predictive analytics. All this, from the comfort of your desk.

Popular interfaces

Connected IO supports the most popular interfaces – Ethernet, LTE, USB, and WiFi. We forgo niche interfaces and standards resulting in lower hardware costs, a smaller software footprint, and fewer failure points or attack surfaces to protect and secure. That means we can deliver a more cost-effective solution.

Drive down the cost of monitoring and managing your IOT assets with cost-efficient solutions from Connected IO.