Meet Our Team

Yakov Temov


Mr. Temov was a founding partner of Connected IO and led the engineering team that developed the company’s first product for Verizon. Yakov is an engineering executive who specialises in product development and commercialisation. Mr. Temov was previously VP of Engineering at U4EA Technologies where he managed a team of over 100 persons and was responsible for product design and engineering. Mr Temov has a long track record of delivering innovative products and building world-class engineering teams.

Andy Evans

Director of Sales

Mr. Andy Evans is a telecommunications professional with experience in sales leadership, business development, and marketing. His resume includes leading sales teams in both wireless and wireline organizations, with a track record of exponential growth in hardware and software revenues. Mr. Evans has also lead successful product expansion initiatives, both domestically and internationally

Dmitri Smirnov

Director of Engineering

Mr. Smirnov is a Senior Manager with 25 + years in Software Engineering with a professional level of experience in global, mid-sized and start-up companies where he has brought a line of products in Cloud, SaaS, Mobile, Wireless, Enterprise, and infrastructure applications to the market, with a track record of working with technology leaders for Networking, Payment, SaaS, PaaS, Mobile, Cloud, startups and enterprise-level companies such as Bay Networks, Maxtor, Cisco, PayPal, Good Technology, BlackBerry, GE, Google, Apple and more.

Terian Eller


Ms. Eller brought her 25 plus years of financial management experience to Connected IO in 2018.  As CFO, she has designed and implemented policies and processes throughout the organization to improve the company’s ability to produce relevant, timely, accurate, and actionable financial information.  In addition to accounting & finance leadership, she has proven to be an effective ambassador of the company’s brand and its products, as well as, directed the functions of operations and human resources.  She believes that the primary keys to achieving organizational success and longevity are a quality product, a highly effective and engaged team delivering exceptional customer experience, and a strong balance sheet.