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Partners & Customers We Work With

ConnectedIO has forged relationships with hundreds of device manufacturers, systems integrators and cellular carriers.

Some of the world’s leading businesses have chosen ConnectedIO to help them navigate the evolution of M2M.

As a business, ConnectedIO is deliberately sales channel agnostic, instead partnering with equipment manufacturers, systems integrators and hardware resellers across all potential sales channels. This horizontal approach means CIO always sits in the middle of any installation and has between a systems integrator and a manufacturer or end user and maintains the skills and flexibility to solve any M2M requirement.

The validation of CIO’s technology by the largest global cellular carriers is testament to the viability of the company and its products.

G8 announced formal certification and collaboration with AT&T and T-Mobile in August, 2016. AT&T and T-Mobile are regarded as the leading carrier for enterprises in the US, contrast to Verizon who are predominantly consumer focused. AT&T represent over 75% of M2M ‘physical’ data lines in the US and service almost of all the Fortune 1,000 group of companies. The conversion of these physical data lines to cellular connections represents the biggest opportunity for G8 in the enterprise space. The formal certification and close collaboration with AT&T’s IOT division now gives G8C access to AT&T’s massive network of resellers and their entire enterprise customer base.

The largest US cellular carrier, Verizon initially contracted G8 to design and build one of G8’s early cellular modems, LT1001 in 2013.  This device became the starting point for G8’s foray into the M2M hardware market. In April 2016, G8 had signed a collaboration agreement with Verizon giving access to its sales force and enterprise sales network.

G8’s suite of products are certified and approved for use by Verizon’s customers, G8 is further advantaged against its competitors by accreditation as an official member of Verizon’s ‘VPP’ supplier program.

ConnectedIO have worked with Coca-Cola since 2013. ConnectedIO designed and built a custom modem for their freestyle vending machines. This modem helps Coca-Cola get real-time monitoring of the performance and stock usage for its machines and reduce service and maintenance costs.